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This the New News Media Your source for promotion

Home of UnderGround Entertainment and The Voice of the Movement. Subscribe for upcoming events.


Home of UnderGround Entertainment and The Voice of the Movement. Subscribe for upcoming events.

Lebron with My Grind

State or the Feds by Calice Boyz

King Me By D.N

Ain't Worried Bout by Luh Saucee

Gas Me By Jr. Two Times

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‘Let Live Extravaganza

Micke Flowtron, Justin Kickett, Rinaa Phoenix


‘Let Live was a success thanks to all the support from the community, sponsors and Entertainers. 

Luh Saucee


Luh Saucee blessed the stage first and set the tone for the rest of the day. Look out for her mix tape “Go Hard” and Go like her Facebook Page Luh Saucee.

Platinum Squad


Platinum Squad Came Through with a Whole Lot of Drip 💧 and Turned the crowd up. Catch them on IG and Facebook @Platinum Squad



Slo Odies BBQ was Delicious 🤤 thank you guys for coming through and supporting the kids.

YV Swaggturf and K-Red


When it comes to Supporting the Community YV Swaggturf and K-Red does it Big. K-Red gave away snow cones and popcorn and YV Swaggturf raffled off some great items that included a pair of Red Air Force Ones. 



DirtyKinG came to rock and Revolutionize..and that’s what they did. The band filled the crowd with energy that had us rocking to their rhythm....Rock On 🤘 

Special Thanks



Platinum Squad, Calm Rage, Luh Saucee, OuttaLine, Rec Riddles, SmoothBeatz, Mental V, DirtyKinG



SLO ODIES, Bastard Brothers Brewing,           K-Red, YV Swaggturf Ent., Lou-We-Wood Radio, Rock Radio Revolution, Overtime Studio, Say it ain’t So, Music of our Lives, Rinaa Phoenix, OutHrr Events

Everyone who attended and Supported


What is being a Father in today’s Culture

This blog Gives you the inside View of the struggle Father’s actually go through on a daily basis with Mothers and children. If the shoe fits wear it... Much Respect to parents who work hard to co-parent even if you are separate.

STL Family Expo 2018

Krista “ The Networking Queen

The Networking Queen was in the Building doing what she do best. She brought out the hottest acts in the Midwest. Check her out on IG networkingqueen83 and

DJ C-Note

Derrty DJ C-Note was on the 1s and 2s. He was hitting us with his exclusive mixes all while being a great father. Find him on FB @ Creston Watters and

Big Blaze Propane

Big Blaze Propane was in the building reppin and promoting his new track Amerikkka highlighting the African Americans Struggles in the United States.

Sonny Metcalfe

Sonny Metcalfe the manager of Project X played a big part in this by providing the venue for the STL Family Expo. 


Ehype was the Host of the night and we must say he kept it trill and Hype all day for the kids and parents. Find him and book him on FB @ Ehype Ehype.


AntiGoHard was in the building. Mr. #iCarltonChallenge Was mingling and promoting. Check out his YouTube which got over 100 million Views

Pride Party


Eric Prospect

Pride Fest was going on through the city and everyone was celebrating freedom of expression and just plain partying. Including Out Hrr Events Eric Prospect. 


Its A Party Its A Party

This Party wasnt only Exclusively for the LGTB community. It was for all of us that believe in being who you want to be and not be put into a box.


Lavon and Yoshi

Lavon and Yoshi was definitely in house kicking it. 

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