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   The Homie Chris is a versatile producer from St.Louis, Missouri who produces music in a range of genres from Hip-Hop to Alternative Rock. In 2014, The Homie Chris put out a compilation album: We Make The Rules (available of Tidal,  Spotify,  Apple Music,  Google Play,  iHeartRadio,  etc.) Due to the success of the album, The Homie Chris was fortunate enough to have music featured in small films and commercials. Due to his unique delivery and captivating voice, members of Gr8er Than Self Entertainment convinced Chris he should take being an artist more serious. After a long talk with the CEOs of Gr8er Than Self Entertainment, (LDorado Jonez and Sycosis) The Homie Chris took their advice to a whole different level.  

       In 2018, The Homie Chris will release seven projects through the calendar year. The first of the seven projects is titled, Loose Footage Vol. 1: Cheat Codes. This unique title is a triple entendre. The concept of the term "cheat codes" comes from the logo of The Homie Chris's label, Loaded Deck Entertainment LLC.  The logo is that of a poker hand that contains 5 Kings. The term "loose footage" is the concept that every song is directly correlated with experiences in the life of The Homie Chris. Although the events did not happen in a chronological order, they all make sense being put together in this story. Combining the terms, "loose footage and cheat codes" comes from the ideology behind the logo of the 5 Kings. That ideology is, "If we work together and all give 100%, it will feel as if we are cheating because we can't be stopped." Loose Footage Vol. 1: Cheat Codes will be released on April 20, 2018(4/20), a nod to the nickname everyone calls him,  THC (The Homie Chris). This album will be as versatile as they come without compromising the integrity of this artist as well as any particular genre of music - Loaded Deck Entertainment LLC

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Getting Personal


Sycosis Interviewed by VoyageChicago

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sycosis.

Sycosis, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

Today, I’m an educator, an artist, and a business professional. As far as music goes I was 12 years old when I wrote my first verse and song. At that time the goal was to show how good of a lyricist you were by having complex word play and rhyme patterns which is still what I love most about Hip-Hop. An artist who could use both of those to tell a story was even better so I studied as much as I could of everything I could get my hands on from tapes to CDs. My older cousin Skeet told me one day that I could be a better writer if I read the dictionary to build up my vocabulary. After reading it for a few days I came across the word “Psychosis”. It said a state of mind where a person who was detached from reality and could no longer be sure of what was real. Basically like when you are the only one who believes what you believe. That really stood out to me because I remembered always being the person who would argue the unpopular opinion like “Big Pun is better than Biggie” or “Lil Wayne is the best Hot Boy” or “Canibus’ 2nd Round KO is the best diss of all time”. Stuff like that haha. So I decided to go by Sycosis and just built from there doing freestyles and talent shows to doing mixtapes and albums. Eventually I was able to start my own company called Gr8er Than Self Entertainment with my business partner and friend LDorado Jonez, a fellow writer and artist, and we just haven’t looked back. We did our own tour together called “How The Midwest Was 1”, we’ve had songs placed in TV shows and commercials on networks like NBC, and this year we are both releasing albums first quarter. LDorado’s album “Medicine In The Candy” dropped last week and my 3rd studio album “Mostly Me II” will be out in March. My single “Meet Me In The Sky” will be available on all music outlets February 1, 2018. I’m really excited to have fans hear a new sound from me and see how far we can go. It’s been almost 7 years since my last album “Tripolar” and I promised myself I wouldn’t make another one until I felt like it would make it out of the underground. I believe this is that project.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

I don’t think anyone in the entertainment industry has a smooth ride unless they are like created to succeed. But organic artist will always have a harder path because we don’t have any interest in walking on the path that is already there. We like to create a new one and sometimes that works instantly and sometimes it’s a slow grind. But I think as I’ve gotten older the biggest hurdle is time and figuring out the best way to use it. You can’t look back like “man I should have done this instead of that’ but you just start wanting to multi task and do 100 things at once that you care about and love. Of course funding when you are independent you don’t have tons of money or resources. So it’s a challenge finding them but it’s also the journey that makes it fun. You literally build your own doors and then walk through them. 1 by 1. People generally write you off based on popularity, likes, views, etc. Not knowing that their favorite artist have a lot of those things paid for to create the perception of being hot. I think convincing people it’s all smoke and mirrors is part of the battle but at the same time you like the magic show too so you can’t focus on ruining the illusion for everyone. You just have to make better, more creative tricks.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Gr8er Than Self Entertainment – what should we know?

Our company is dope because we are all song writers recording artist but we are multifaceted and do so much more because we wanted to be self-sufficient. I personally do everything from photography and film music videos to license and publish music. As a company we also do graphic design, fashion, and much more. What sets us apart I think is passion and talent. That has gotten us through everything we have done so far.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?

I have one of the best circle of friends anyone can ask for that give endless amounts of support. Additionally everyone is their own profession and business so we learn from each other and grow. Of course my partners LDorado Jonez and The Homie Chris motivate and encourage me constantly. We all played like executive producer on each other’s project and it’s a dope environment we have going. I want to thank all my producers and especially my engineer Matt Sawicki who works magic on the boards in every session.


LDorado Jonez interviewed by VoyageChicago

Today we’d like to introduce you to LaMar Greer aka LDorado Jonez.

LaMar, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

I consider myself a renaissance man. I am an actor, an emcee, an illustrator, and graphic designer. My story began in south suburban Harvey. As a youth, I fell in love with two things that would shape my life and career: cartoons and Hip-Hop. I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Music Business and Computer Animation.

Professionally, I have done voice-over work for McDonald”s, Coors, ComEd, and Bacardi. I was a featured actor in the Spike Lee film Chiraq, as well as Chicago Med and Empire. Under the moniker LDorado Jonez, my music featured in NBC’s Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. In 2015 my business partner, Erik ‘Sycosis’ Roberts, and I organized and headlined the ‘How The Midwest Was 1 Tour’. The tour traveled from Chicago to Milwaukee to St. Louis, Kansas City, and Denver.

As an illustrator, I had the great pleasure of collaborating with my friend, author Lonzell Cross, on the children’s book ‘Another Alphabet Book Daddy. It’s the first book of a four book series, aimed at children from birth to 8 years old. The second, ‘Another Numbers Book Daddy’ is near completion.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

It has absolutely NOT been a smooth road. The first challenge I faced was just being confident in being an artist, professionally. I had to muster the confidence to look at my life and say “I am an artist. I was created to create. I will monetize my passions and everything else has to revolve around that.” I had to find the courage to be comfortable enough in my purpose that when asked ‘what do you do” my answer was “I’m an artist” and not the title of whatever J-O-B I was suffering through at the time. And trust me, there were many.

That brings me to another struggle that is a constant for any type of artist- where’s the money? It’s one thing to create a hobby. It’s a different ball game when you plan on feeding your family of your creations. The path of an artist is a tortuous one; always unpredictable. It’s difficult to support a family while waiting for that next gig or figuring out how to market whatever project you just poured your soul into. There’s frustration in that space. There’s ample room for depression and self-doubt in that space. Art has to be made and bills have to be paid. It’s a balancing act.

Another challenge I faced in every form of art I create is knowing my voice and figuring out how to make that voice stand out from the masses. The internet literally puts the entire world at our fingertips. As a creative AND a businessman I have to find innovative ways to reach my audiences.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Gr8er Than Self Entertainment – what should we know?

I co-own Gr8er Than Self Entertainment. alongside my business partner and longtime friend, Erik ‘Sycosis’ Roberts. The company and the name itself comes from our philosophy that a collective victory is more rewarding than an individual win. Through our brand, we look to create synergy between entertainment, technology, and lifestyle. We are positioning ourselves to not only create and control content but also the vehicles by which they reach consumers. We want to innovate the product, the process, and the platform. This dynamic trajectory is what will continue to set us apart from others in the marketplace. Our business currently includes music licensing, photography/videography, graphic design, and merchandising.

Erik and I are both fathers. Honestly, what makes me the proudest as far as our company is that we are setting an example for our sons of what is possible through faith, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

My personal mantra as well as our company culture rest on 8 points:










Po, The Homie Chris, Sycosis. LDorado Jonez

LDorado Jonez's latest project, Medicine in the Candy, is currently available on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

The Homie Chris is currently finishing his upcoming album, Loose Footage vol. 1: Cheat Codes. His previous release, We Make The Rules,is currently available on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, Google Play, etc

Sycosis’s latest release, Mostly Me II, is currently available on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

Po is a phenomenal producer out the Lou making waves all throughout the Nation.

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